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General construction work

MEGA INVEST - bendrieji statybos darbai
  • Digging and installation of the construction site.
  • Geotechnical work.
  • Concrete pouring work.
  • Masonry work.
  • Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
  • Installation of metal structures.
  • Installation of wooden structures.
  • Roof installation work.
  • Installation of windows and doors.
  • Facade installation work.
  • Other building heat insulation work.
  • Waterproofing work.
  • Finishing work.
  • Sound insulation work on buildings.
  • Building repair and reconstruction work.
  • Work on indoor engineering systems.
  • Work on outdoor engineering systems.

Real estate developer

The team of MEGA INVEST, JSC develops and implements real estate projects. Our objective is to implement real estate projects aiming at top quality, ensuring smooth operations of all participants in the project.

MEGA INVEST, JSC analyses new construction projects and estimates them in detail starting with the very initial idea and ending with complete final commissioning and handing over to the user, in other words “up to turnkey”.

Implementation of individual projects by MEGA INVEST, JSC is based on taking into consideration not only individual needs of clients but also the best competences and experience of experts in their fields. The Company aims at making sure that a building becomes not only a great place for the buyer to settle in, but also a long-term and safe investment.

MEGA INVEST - NT vystytojai

General contracting services

MEGA INVEST - Genrangos pasalaugos
  • we represent the client at meetings with contractors, architects, state authorities;
  • we control compliance with quality, quantity, and deadline requirements, we make schedules for contract work;
  • we organize tenders for procurement of construction work, negotiations, we prepare technical projects;
  • we coordinate developers of technical projects;
  • we prepare contracts for construction work, control compliance with the contractual provisions;
  • we carry out energy performance certification of buildings, we consult on commissioning of buildings, we perform quality assessment of construction work on buildings under construction and built;
  • we make an estimate and control the budget of construction object, keep financial records of the object;
  • we consult on such issues as preparation of construction site for construction work and supply with energy resources.